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Lycoming Engine Noise????

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crispy critter

Well-Known Member
Sep 8, 2007
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Ok all you lycoming guys.I have this little hybred ;D J3L up and running. We have put about 5 hours on it and it seems to run pretty good but there is a lot of valve train noise when you pull her back to a low rpm. I also think that I can hear a little rattle in her once in a while too,especially when transitioning from climb to cruise(might be my imagination). I have checked the valve and adjusted them all as per the manual(.010 on all of them I think) but the valve noise seems to be wrose since doing that. Also when the oil temp stablizes the oil pressure seems a little low( 50-60lbs psi @ 150 degrees and 20-30lbs during an idling approuch). Now I would love to see those numbers on my continental but it seems to be real close to minimums according to the lycoming manual,and when the engine is cold the oil pressure pegs the gauge(100psi +) until the temp starts coming up. Is this commen on these things or do I need to check something. I already ordered a pressure gauge just in case it is cause the fluxuation.

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