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Landing gear bolt size

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Nov 8, 2006
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My new Wag Aero landing gear uses three eighths inch diameter bolt. My old rusted landing gear used a five sixteenth in bolt. I'm getting a new Univair fuselage. I am assuming that the larger bolt size is for the 1220 lb gross airframe, which the Univair is.

Trick is that the old airframe, also rated at 1220 lbs used the smaller bolt size landing gear and the attach points on the fuselage were also for the smaller bolt.

Is it possible that my old "1946" airframe was in fact rated for 1220 lbs and just happened to use the smaller bolts, and that other 1220 lb airframes used the larger bolt size.....or did my patched together airframe get a lighter gross weight piece welded in somewhere along the line.

Old airplanes seem to present big mysteries.

Anyone got some comments on what is going on here. Otherwise, I've gotta hunt for blueprints or Piper service memos or something.

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