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1947 J-3 w/ A75, (2) EDO 1320s, New Facelift!

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Jun 16, 2011
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First off, I'll say that this is a very sudden, unforseen sale for me. I've owned this plane since 2011, and have absolutely loved it. My wife and I have quite a sentimental attachment to this plane, in part because it represents a lovely but brief friendship with the dear woman who sold it to me (may God rest her beautiful soul), and in part because we've put a lot of ourselves into always making it better.

For the past 8 months, it's been disassembled, and undergoing a facelift. It's wasn't a restoration, and I wouldn't dare call it that. But it's absolutely beautiful, and in perfect mechanical condition.

Just two days ago, we finished up the final touches, test flew it on wheels, then brought it home on floats. I had absolutely ZERO intention of selling this plane now, or ever really.

But life has a way of surprising us, I suppose.

Yesterday, quite out of the blue, a fellow Cub owner revealed that he intended to sell his Cub. I'd always told myself that if he ever sold, I'd be a buyer.

In any case, I'm now committed, and can't own two of them!!!!! My Cub needs a new home.

This ad will change over time, as the logbooks are presently with my mechanic, and some of the details will get refinement once I get my hands on the logs.

Big picture: This is a beautiful, recently updated J3 on floats (with a spare set needing some TLC), and wheels. No, it doesn’t have an electrical system. It starts so easily by hand that it’s ridiculous.

It's been maintained by Scot Prescott of Scootair, LLC and Biplane Investments, LLC at Northern Lights Airport (VT46) in Alburgh, Vermont. Scot has been kind enough, and patient enough to shepherd me through, mentor me, and supervise my fabric work particularly in 2012 and some minor fabric repairs in 2020. Those of you who know Scot (aka Scooter) also know that he's an absolute Cub master. If there's something Scooter doesn't know about Cubs, I haven't discovered it yet!

1947 J3C-65, S/N 22817

Engine time approximately 795 hours. Hours will increase, as it's on my home railway system, and will continue to be flown frequently.
Airframe time - will confirm when logs are returned.
Prop - times to follow. Prop overhauled approximately 2014 (time to be confirmed)

2020 Project
Poly Tone OEM Yellow #146 - July 2020 (aircraft sanded, cleaned, rejuvinated, re-Poly Toned, buffed, and waxed)
All exterior metal parts (lift/jury struts, window frames, boot cowl, engine cowl, inspection panels, etc.) Painted with polyurethane paint July 2020
Replaced #3 cylinder - September 2019
Replaced Magnetos July 2020 (will confirm if they're new or overhauled)
New ingition leads July 2020
New windows all around July 2020
New stainless aileron cables July 2020
New aluminum flex tubing July 2020
Vortex Generators Installed July 2020
Instrument panel and floor painted July 2020
New Bear decal
New "No Step" Decals
2012 Project
The following items were accomplished in 2012 pursuant to a decayed wingtip bow. There was no accident or "damage" that precipitated the following.
Right wing recovered with Poly Fiber 2012
New RH wingtip bow 2012
New RH wing leading edges 2012
New RH wing trailind edges 2012
Biplane Investment RH wing tank 2012

Mogas STC
Steve's Gascolator
Brackett Air Filter
Metal spars
Univair Sealed struts
Wheel landing gear included

Two sets of floats
1940 EDO 1320 floats with new deck fittings (installed approximately 2013). These floats are installed on the plane.

1939 EDO 1320 floats with rigging - need some work to return to seaworthiness, could be used for parts, or could be sold. These floats are also Complete, but disassembled.

Other: 4 gallons of unopened Poly Tone OEM 146 Yellow

Aircraft last weighed 2012 on wheels - 750 lbs. Probably a tad bit heavier now with the new Poly Tone.

I'm planning to throw in whatever other Cub bits and pieces I come across that belong to this plane. I'll have to dig around to determine what those are!

Here are a couple of pics. I'll try to get more posted up shortly.

Price $52,000

I've seen a bit of Cub bashing and price bashing lately by some members, and I've kept my thoughts to myself. But now that I'm the seller, I'll say that some of the derogatory comments I've read about other posted Cubs for sale aren't helpful, and just aren't nice. So I'd very much appreciate folks NOT stomping on my "for sale" thread. (although I can't imagine any Cub fan not just drooling over this plane! ;))


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