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History of Your Cub?


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Mar 23, 2005
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Today I received a letter from a prior owner of my J5, who last flew it in 1956. Has anyone else received similar information from prior owners?

Excerpts are below.

I purchased this aircraft, along with a friend of mine, in 1954. It had been sitting in a barn in Newton, New Jersey for some time, and had deteriorated and acquired some damage; mostly wing rib capstrips, rotted fabric, etc.
The aircraft was completely stripped of the fabric. The ribs were repaired, new wing tip bows were installed, and I believe it was the right rear spar that required replacement of an approximately 12 inch section at the tip.

A nose cowl, bottom cowl, and side cowls were fabricated. All new plexiglass was installed; and the aircraft was painted two tone green. The work was completed by early to mid 1955.

The pieces were taken to Teterboro, New Jersey airport where it was then assembled and flown to Morristown, New Jersey; and then to Westfield, New Jersey.

Westfield airport became the new home for the aircraft. This airport had two grass strips. The longest was 2600 ft. and the short one was approximately 2200 ft. The aircraft was flown off the long grass runway with three people on board. I weighed 170 lbs. as did the other two. It was tight. The trees at 300 feet off the end of the runway were just about 20 to 30 feet below us.

The airport was sold to a building developer in the latter part of 1955, and we hung on till December, and then moved the aircraft to Hadley, New Jersey.

I last flew the aircraft in April 1956. Shortly thereafter, we sold it.

I'm shooting some pics this weekend to send to him. I find stories like these fascinating.

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