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SOLD: 1941 J3-C Cub

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Feb 5, 2021
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For sale is my A65 powered J3. I bought it last year with the goal of learning how to fly properly after years in a nose dragger. I have put almost 80 trouble free hours on it in the last year and have had an absolute blast flying it. I fell in love with sitting in the back seat (as some of you predicted last year) and have really embraced the low and slow, door open flying life. looking to build an LSA cub clone soon, so it’s time for it to go to a new custodian.

We have done two extensive annuals on it (March 2021, and March 2022) with the goal of continually making it better. Details are below. It is still very much a stock A65 J3 but with new or overhauled components as needed.

- TTSN 3550, engine 350 SMOH, McCauley 1B90 metal prop 80 SMOH.
- Sealed Univair struts
- Grove disc brake conversion
- Scott 3200 tailwheel
- aircraft fully rebuilt in 1983 with Ceconite fabric. cosmeticslly it’s not a showplane, but it’s in great overall shape for an 80 year old plane.
- no transponder, no ADS-B required in any airspace, LSA compliant

Work done in the last 14 months:

- shoulder harness installed in rear seat, front seat harness not installed but included in sale
- 406 mHz ELT installed
- ignition system rebuilt. Dual impulse coupled Slick 4333 mags overhauled, new wires and spark plugs
- fuel system refurbished with all new parts from tank to carburetor including new Steve’s gascolator, all new hoses, new ball type fuel shutoff
- new bungees installed
- overhauled altimeter
- new muffler assembly installed to address recurring AD
- all AD’s fully researched and in compliance
- Mogas STC

The plane is actively flown year round with oil changes every 25 hours. It is currently based at KARB in Ann Arbor, MI but may move to southern Virginia depending on interest.

Price: $32,000


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