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1946 J3 w C85-12 engine

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Gene Herzog

Jan 14, 2007
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Sulphur Springs, TX
1946 J3 Cub, C85-12 Eng., N6414H TTSN 2285.9 hrs., SMOH 15 hrs, 772 lbs Empty Wt., New Sensenich Metal Prop M76-AK-42, Great Paint and fabric, All AD’s CW, Ext Ant , All instr OH’d by Keystone Instruments, Carb heat, mixture control, Sealed Struts, New Lge Strut bolts, Shoulder Harness Pilot Seat, Hangered since covered, Icom Radio, PTT in Stick, 2 Plc Intercom Metal Spars, Fast and climbs great in hot climate, $45,000, contact [email protected], Sulphur Springs,TX

Huston Marlowe has worked on this plane a few years ago.


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