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  1. Micheleparis2

    Hardware replacement help

    Hello All, I have just disassembled my 46 J3 (Metal Spar) wing. I will be replacing 90% of the hardware on it as most of the bolts/screws/nuts are all rusted and beat up. My question is how do I go about identifying some of this hardware so it can be replaced. I'll make a list bellow of parts...
  2. W

    J-4A N30986

    Just purchased this ol 1940 J-4 Cub Coupe C85 from North Dakota. I have some work to do but I’m eager to get going and get her in the air again. I’ll be making some Posts here and there as to the progress. Many parts were stolen off of it and the logs were also taken by a spiteful “prospective...
  3. 20200618_090117.jpg


    L-4 in silver
  4. 20200817_162143.jpg


    L-4M cockpit
  5. J

    Newly restored j3/pa11 C90-14

    Same owner for more than 20 years ttaf....3315.47 The...2350.4. SMOH 303.8 Less than 50 hours since complete restoration. Many stc’s and field approvals. Mods include extended baggage, shoulder harnesses, grove brakes, pa11 lift struts, 24 gal fuel in wings, solo from front or back, swing...
  6. YellowFeverAL

    J3 trim pulley question

    Hi all, New member here; first post. Bought a J3 Cub with a partner two months ago and we have slippage in the trim system. We suspect the pulley at the cockpit trim handle is what's slipping and likely needs replacing. I've read online where the pulley can get rounded out from its original...
  7. Gene Herzog

    1946 J3 w C85-12 engine

    1946 J3 Cub, C85-12 Eng., N6414H TTSN 2285.9 hrs., SMOH 15 hrs, 772 lbs Empty Wt., New Sensenich Metal Prop M76-AK-42, Great Paint and fabric, All AD’s CW, Ext Ant , All instr OH’d by Keystone Instruments, Carb heat, mixture control, Sealed Struts, New Lge Strut bolts, Shoulder Harness Pilot...