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1946 J-3 w/ C-85

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May 20, 2015
Reaction score
ACTT 2700, TSMOH 1280. Engine runs great and has consistently strong compressions. Oil consumption 1Q every 10 hrs. Times will increase as aircraft is flown regularly.

Owned by my family since 1968. Logs back to 1946 test flight. Wood spars. WY and CO aircraft since new.

Old fabric punch tests well. Always stored in a hangar under our ownership.

Scott 3200 TW, 29-inch Alaska Bushwheel Airstreaks, Cleveland Double Puck Brakes, Univair sealed struts

C-85-12 Engine, however the accessory is case blocked off and the aircraft has no electrical system. Set up for hand-held radio with external antenna. Has a venturi-driven turn-and-bank. McCauley metal prop.

Trim system rebuilt 2016, new jackscrew, new elevator yoke, new trim cable at that time.

This airplane is mechanically sound and well-rigged. The airplane is not cosmetically perfect, but it is light weight and an absolute blast to fly. It capably handles off airport scenarios at Colorado altitudes. I have flown it throughout the Colorado high country and landed many of our backcountry airstrips. Reason for selling: I have my dream airplane--a Super Cub--on the way and need to make room in the hangar. Hoping to find somebody who is excited to be the next caretaker of this airplane! Price: $35,000 as-is, or $33,000 without the 29-inch tires and delivered on new 8.00x6's. Call or text Alex at 970 - three seven six - 8559. Aircraft located near Denver, CO. Willing to ferry if needed.


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