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Cub Tools...

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Mar 17, 2007
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Fellow Cub Pilots,

I've gotten alot of great guidance on the site on just about every mechanical problem I've run up against. However, beyond closed doors, I've been working on my plane with the rattiest set of mismatched, Chinese tools (the kind your wife probably has in her trunk.) you've ever seen. I also end up borrowing tools, which I detest.

I'm finally in a position to purchase a quality set of tools as well as a rolling box to store them. In short, what should I buy? I'm able to invest a couple thousand for the set. I've been a Craftsman fan for years, but I'm referring more to which tools to purchase. I've found I've needed nothing too exotic for the Cub, but any inputs such as what are "must haves" so I can pretty much complete an annual myself (with supervision). I've tried to look up what amounts to a beginner's A&P set, but fear it might be alot of equipment I may not use in the near future. If I end up do metal work at some point I'm sure that'll be another investment.

Please incluse A&P or Cub specific tools. My wife must be feeling guilty because I'm deployed. This kind of authorization only comes around once or twice in a marriage!


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