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1940/1946 J3 Cub

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crispy critter

Well-Known Member
Sep 8, 2007
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I'm not real sure about this but im thinking about selling my Cub:eek: As most of you know from reading my earlier posts, I've been having some trouble with it stumbling and trying to quite. I'm pretty sure it's one of two things....either a severely cracked cylinder or a broken crankshaft. I have not idea but it needs overhaul or an engine swap. I have a good running, high time engine(1200smoh, 120ish stop) I will swap if you want to come change them out(I will help, loan ya my tools, shop, etc....just bring yourself and a day to do it). I just don't have time to do it myself right now and honestly need to consider thinning down the fleet.

I really don't want to sell it but I'm in the process of buying a house, just leased my home on the airport to Air Evac Lifeteam(medivac chopper), have to be out by April 1st, have 3 other airplanes that I have to finish in the next 2 months, and have been told by my wife that if the roof isn't replaced on the houseboat by may that I might be divorced:eek:(I don't think she really meant that but the way she said it makes me NOT want to take a chance,lol). So as you can see, I have a lot on my plate and little or no help to do any of it and money is going to be a little tight this summer.

About the cub, It started life as a J3F, spent some time in tuskegee as a trainer and is rumored to be the airplane that took the first lady a ride. In the mid 40's it was wrecked, the fuselage replaced and converted to a J3L. A few years later it was wrecked again, the fuselage rebuilt and wings replaced with metal spar wings. Then in the 1970's it was wrecked again and set for a long time before someone rebuilt it in the late 80's which consisted of a new post war fuselage, wings rebuilt,etc.

In 2007ish the lycoming was removed and upgraded to an A65 cont. using new cowlings, exhaust, etc. last year I installed the grove brake conversion. The airplane was last recovered in 1987 with ceconite and has been hangered mostly since.

It flies great, far from a show piece but still looks pretty good. All the paperwork is accounted for and everything ever done to the airplane has been well documented, log books seem to start in the 1950's when it left Tuskegee i think. You will need to bring a seperate car or airplane with more useful load then a cub to get the log books home.....the logs weigh almost as much as the cub,lol. Just kiddin.

Im really not sure on price but here's what I'm thinking, if ya want to come get it without the engine(prop, exhaust, eye brows, airbox, etc will be included) I will take $20,000 for it. Just the way it sets with the engine needing something fixed..I'll take $22,000. Or with the high time airworthy engine I'll take $24,000. Please dont ask me to come down any because that's my bottom dollar. If I didn't have soo much to do and so many extra expenses coming up this spring I would never even think of selling it. If it was running good I would never consider selling it. If I had time to pull the engine in the next month or so and swap it out myself I would never consider selling it.

Also, I've had it setting outside on a tie down since Christmas because it won't run good enough to fly it over to my other hanger and I had to put the 3 repair planes in the hanger here. So that means I'm gonna have to pull the wings off her before the spring storms start firing up and once I do that it will not be for sale. So, either pick an option and come get it or just bring yourself and come help me fix something,lol.

Keep in mind this was an amature recover job done in 1987(but decent quality), fabric and paint is still good but could use a little light tlc in a few places to really make it nice, and it will need some engine work(pick an option above). This in no show plane, it is a flyer and flies great. Its not going to be a show plane without a ground up restoration but still have a lot of life left in it before it needs to be covered and is priced accordingly. Let me know if you would like to take look. I do have a few pics I can email but on this one I really prefer that anyone interested just come look it over in person. Thanks, Kev

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