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Can't trim out elavator pressure completely when landing

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John Gacnik

Well-Known Member
Apr 1, 2006
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I need some help here guys. I have a newly restored 1946 J-3 that was restored top to bottom, front to back with no expense spared. I have test flown it and have about 5 hours on it and all is well except when I land it takes full up elevator trim and I still have a ton of forward stick pressure that pretty much feels like I have no trim at all. Not easy to land let me tell ya.... I did finally put it next to another cub to compare apples to apples and try to diagnose the problem and the only thing I can see that we did is crossed the elevator cables up towards the bellcrank instead of back between the two sets of cable guides. Would this ironically cause my problem because I don't see how it could? I have checked incidences on the wing compared to the other cub and they are the same. Also the cg is well within the limits. Please tell me I'm not the first one in 60 years to come across this problem. Thanks John

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