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Benefits of 0-200 conversion

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Mar 30, 2005
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I am trying to balance the pros and cons of the 0-200 vs C-90 for an upcoming J3 restoration and would like to hear some opinions from folks out there that have either engine running on their cub.

I have been getting some conflicting information on the benefit of installing an 0-200 onto a J3.
= Some folks say that the 0-200 from a performance standpoint it is less superior to C-90. The basis for this has been that to get 100 HP out of the 0-200 you need to run 2750 RPM, which in a cub is not probable. I am not sure about this and would like to hear some pilot reports on it.
= However, from a parts availablility outlook the 0-200 is the way to go.

Any Facts, Opinions, or Experiences would be appreciated.

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