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337 engine installation from Cub Club not currently allowed for my J-5A ?

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Dec 9, 2010
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I bought a 337 from the Cub Club that has info on the installation of an 0-200 on a J-5A . This 337 dates 1996 and has the drawing for a modified i.e strengthened motor mount .......Ok current time . My IA has approved my airframe and all is good there (the airplane has been in storage ) . He looked at my logs and tells me the 337 was
specifically for THAT J-5A which had a 337 field approval done . MY IA said the FAA would not do another field approval as they aren't doing them anymore for major mods as larger engine installations . I called Darin at Legend and he also said the same thing about that particular 337 would not apply to my J-5A ........He said call the FAA DAR and see what they say . ........I am not a good writer so I hope you understand my dilemma ........How would I go about asking someone from the FAA if they would accept the 337 form I have now . My IA wants a new 337 form with a DAR FAA stamped approval and he said he would gladly sign off on it .

When I bought the airplane in 2004 the IA that signed off the restoration and the 0-200 installation said basically this : This airframe is approved for a 0-235 Lyc and therefor is strong enough for a 100 Continental . NOT TRUE the J-5C came with the 0-235 Lyc, .......It was a real Johnny Torquewrench un approved sign off . I found a
337 approval and thought all would be good . Bob ,DGA , Jim and anyone else I would really appreciate your comments on what to do . Darin from Legend looked
up some info and he said the only approved engines are the A-75, A-80 , C-85 -12 with a Harrison oil cooler and a C-90-8 . Obviously there has been some other engines
used as there is a J-5A for sale now in Barnstormers with a C-90-12 installed . Thank You , Mike

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