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Which way do you park in winds?

Which way do you park in a wind?

  • Nose into the wind

  • Tail into the wind

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Dec 28, 2005
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Might should have taken a poll, but have never used that feature. I was curious as to how you park your cub in winds. Say at a flyin or when you are out having that $100 hamburger. If I remember correctly the POH says that you are to park tail into the wind and allow the elevator to hang down. Knowing the high angle of attack that the cub sits at, this makes sense to me. But I dont know of any other high wing that parks that way, and have seen many a cub park the traditional "into the wind" way. I'd like to know thoughts and practices of fellow cub drivers.

I hate pulling up at my local flyin breakfast spot and parking opposite of all the other planes and looking like I dont know what I am doing, or having to explain it to everyone there.

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