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What Pitch?

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David Johnson

Premium Member
Apr 25, 2006
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I'm running a McCaulley 71/44 on my C-90 now. I really like it for all around performance but I need to do a little propeller swapping and repitching soon. I found a 71/48 cruise prop that I am bolting on for a trip from NC to WI that I have coming up in couple weeks. I have been looking for a seaplane prop, as have a few others and have not been able to find one. A new 76ak240 is not in the budget this year. So I want to repitch my 71/44 to some thing else for use on floats. Maybe a 42 or 40. Or would I be OK to just leave the pitch at 44. It spins 2500 rpm on take off now. Any opinions appreciated.


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