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Trade Wanted-This will be a Great Deal for Someone

crispy critter

Well-Known Member
Sep 9, 2007
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I have a J3L-65 Cub and I will consider trading my entire firewall forward which includes the cowling which is in fair to better condition.A complete O-145-B2 Lycoming engine with all accessories that runs great and has good compressions. I also have an extra gasket set as well as two complete exhaust systems...one straight and one stock with muffler. I don't have a heat muff for the stock exhaust but I do have an extra set of 2 into 1's for the stock system. Also included is the engine mount and prop.The prop is a Sensenich 69/44 in fair but safe servicable condition.Engine logs go back to 1950. Engine log shows it has 500+/- since major overhaul but the guy I bought it from said it had a major done in the mid 1990's just before the IA who did it passed away.He stated that it only had around 100 hours since then but this is not in the log books. The engine is good and tight with great compressions,it does have one minor oil leak around one of the rocker box covers but that is the only one I can find at this time. I have only put about 2 hours on the engine since we got it and it has set pickled for the past 4 years in a climate controlled building so it could be subject to more leaks later on....or maybe not.
I am willing to trade all of this for enough parts to convert to a continental and I already have an engine and prop of my own. All I need is a good complete cowling,and good exhaust system(prefer SS),an engine mount,and an air intake box. Since I am offering to trade quite a bit more then I will be receiving then I must say that these parts need to be complete and in good to great condition. I might settle for simply servicable parts if you have an old A65 core or a good metal McCauley 74/45 prop to throw in on the trade but otherwise it will take all the parts on my list(so I don't have to keep looking for anything else) and they must be in nice or above average condition.
Thank you,
Kevin Mays

cub junkie

Senior Member
Aug 22, 2007
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crispy critter I sent you a PM. I'm in KY and I have a few cub cont. exhaust parts if you are interested.

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