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Questions about an Experimental Breezy with Cub wings

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Dec 9, 2010
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I have found another Breezy I am thinking about buying . It has J-3 wings (our other Breezy has PA-12 wings) and that is good . It has two things that concern me and that is this : It has an 0-290-E the guys says , I have never heard of an E model . I understand 0-290 parts are few and far between too . I know they are good engines but the parts issue is real worry from what I found out researching . Now realize this is and experimental but the second thing that I am a little concerned with is that the tail feathers have 1/8 " cables with AN turnbuckles to tighten the cables with instead of round or streamline wires like our Breezy has . It seem like that wouldn't be strong enough but..........the 10-32 threaded turnbuckles are rated at 1600 pounds . Still all my airplanes I have owned had round wire or streamlined .It's probably fine but I thought I would get some opinions . The 0-290 engine is probably a red flag for most and the engine has 800 hours SMOH and the compressions are good . Don't know about the cylinder TT since last top . Sound like a pretty good over all airplane but that engine ? Thanks J-5 Mike . I may have already answered my own questions .
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