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Installation of front and rear rudder pedals.

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Nov 8, 2006
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I have the new Univair fuselage, and new floor boards going in prior to cover. I've restored and painted all of the controls. However, in the hundreds of pre-disassembly photos I've taken, I managed to miss the mounting of the left and right rear rudder pedals. I know their location because the new fuselage has nice welded tangs for mounting them. However, the one out of focus pix I tool prior to taking them apart seems to show the rear pedal pivots mounted above the floor board. The front pedals pivot is below the floor board (underslung) and spaced down about three fourths of an inch by a spacer box. So, starting from below, there are the pivot "u" brackets, then the three quarters inch box spacer, then the fuselage tangs, then the floor board, then the two hole race track shaped piece that sits on top of the floor boards. (That was the front pedals).

The rear pedals didn't have the square box spacer under the floor boards, nor can I find anywhere the four extra oval top pieces that are like those that sit on the top of the floor boards for the front pedals. It appears to me that the rear pedal pivots sit on top of the floor boards with their "u" brackets over the top of the pivot. So, from the bottom up for the rear pedals, it seems that there is first the welded fuselage tangs, then the floorboard, then the pedal pivot and "u" brackets. (No race-track piece at all for the rear pedals).

Sorry for the difficulty describing the mounting, but of all the pictures I needed, I didn't take a good one of the rear pedal assembly.

Because my original airplane fuselage was welded up from 3 or 4 other fuselages, and the mounting of almost everything was pretty kluged after 60 years, I'm not sure my pre-tear down pix are of all that much use on the new fuselage. For example, the front three quarter inch block spacers on the front "underslung" pedals, may not have been original. My Wag Aero Piper parts list shows no such spacer, rather it shows something that looks like the front pedals are "underslung" okay, but that (from the bottom up) there is only the "u" bracket holding the pedal pivot bar, then the fuselage tang, then the floor board, then the oval metal piece on top.


Harry Ames
NC55100 20890

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