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Cub leveling for W&B


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Jun 2, 2005
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Just wieghed my Clipped Wing after recover. I leveled the fuselage per Piper instructions using a 30 inch level across the longeron below the window. With the fuselage leveled in this manner the Cub is tail heavy.

I noted that the longeron that the level sits on isn't straight but has a very long bow to it. The 30" level spans most of it but by sliding the level forward or back you can change the angle that the fuselage would be in when reading level.

So it is possible to lift the tail higher but still read level depending on where the level is placed and by having the tail higher shift more weight to the mains. In soing so the tail heavy situation goes away.

My question. Is there a better way to level the aircraft? Or at least another spot I could check to back up the specified spot and make sure I have the aircraft level.

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