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Air sick?

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Mar 28, 2007
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I am a student pilot still in the process of getting my knowledge test passed and have just started flight lessons. Here is my situation and question:

The story goes like this:

About a year ago I went up in a friends Cesna 172. He was the PIC and I was the photographer. In the course of many side slips and figure eights I got noticeably nauseous. After we got back on ground, I had to go to bed and rest for about 4 hours. Not a pleasant experience.

OK. Since that time I have gone up twice (in the evenings when it is calm) in a 1946 J3, loved it and had no reaction.

In Yakima, I went up in a Sport Cub in the afternoon and after hitting a lot of 'pockets' I again got feeling ill and had to rest for a couple of hours after landing to get my bearings again.

So, my question to you is "Have you ever had any experience like this?" If so, do you get "used to the affect" and ultimately get over it???? Or is it a 'deal breaker'?

???My concern is that I may continue to expend the effort to get a SPilot licence and buy a plane only to find that my physiology prevents me from flying.

Frank opinions appreciated.


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