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A long way to go....

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Oct 28, 2006
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Hello Everyone-

My name is Jason, I am 26, and I have been a fan of J-3 Cubs ever since I can remember. I have
been reading and studying whatever I have managed to find on owning, maintaining, and flying Cubs, and I still (of course) have many questions. I have no flying certificate yet, but I think a Sport-Flying Certificate is going to be the best (and possibly the only) choice for me.

Affording a Cub will, for me, require some effort. Would any of you be willing to share what costs (outside of purchasing the plane and fueling it) you experience annually to keep a Cub in flying condition, both mechanically and legally? I have had little luck finding out what I can expect to pay regarding inspections, storage, and insurance as a fresh pilot. I am considering getting a plane in project condition and restoring it. What can I expect, cost-wise, to certify the plane once it is restored?

Also, what maintenance and repairs can a Sport Pilot perform on a Cub? FAR Part 43.3g states "...The holder of a sport pilot certificate may perform preventive maintenance on an aircraft owned or operated by that pilot and issued a special airworthiness certificate in the light-sport category." Is a "special airworthiness certificate in the light-sport category" for a J-3 an added step, or is its inclusion in the LSA category the required certification? In other words, does a J-3 Cub require an additional certification to allow a Sport-flying pilot to fly it?

As far as repairs and STCs, is an owner/pilot authorized to perform them, or is this restriced to someone with certain certifications?

I better take a breath and stop typing for now-

Thanks in advance for anyone that can give me a hand here!

Atlanta, GA


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