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A Good Day for the Cub :-)

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Apr 27, 2012
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Might recall a post back in early May which was "A Bad Day for the Cub" wherein unnoticed on preflight or even after the annual insp, the throttle cable came loose on the clamp on the engine mount. The result was a runaway engine (and plane) that then slammed into my neighbors hangar door.

Run the clock forward 5 months....yes -- FIVE months of which 4 1/2 were at an engine shop getting the A-65 torn apart, inspections, new/replacement parts, and assembly and a week or so collecting last minute parts to hang it back on the plane and getting A&P / IA sign-offs done. While apart anyways, I just decided to go with O SMOH as there were several things beyond damage from the prop strike that needed attention sooner or later. (2200 hrs on original internals) I have no idea why it took that long. Just seemed like I got the run around after 6 weeks or so from the shop with promises not kept, so wasn't to happy about that.

So, after a few brief run-ups doing final checks, then waiting till I had a good day; light wind, little airport traffic and light winds aloft the day came to take it up for the first test flight. I chronicled the flight with a GoPro. I figured if things went well, it would be nice to make a short "it's back video". On the other hand, had things not gone well at all, the NTSB may have had a valuable tool for investigation :-\

Happy to report the latter did not occur.

Having missed the entire spring and summer flying season, I am happy to be aloft again, albeit with the door closed and cooler weather, darker earlier, and waiting out the winter. (which isn't all that bad in N Central TX)

So...here's a peak at a few clips of the first flight since late last April.


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