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94SR and My trip Home From Oshkosh, Part 1 of 5

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Larry @ FOK

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Aug 9, 2005
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This is probably going to be a little long, so I’ll split it up into several messages. Wil, if you can join them, that would be great.

It was a year ago, at Oshkosh, that I placed my order for a brand new CubCrafters Sport Cub.

I had looked at both the Legend Cub and the Sport Cub and I felt you couldn’t go wrong with either one, but there were a bunch of design differences that made me decide on the Sport Cub. It was more expensive, but I could see exactly where the extra money was going so I didn’t mind. I had just sold my ’83 Piper Dakota for exactly what the new Sport Cub would cost so it wasn’t a huge financial impact. Eileen loves to fly so going to Oshkosh with money in your pocket and a wife of 39 years who loves to fly is a wonderful thing!

I knew it would take at least 9 months for delivery and being in manufacturing myself, I knew it would probably be even a little longer. That was OK. It was more important to get it right than get it fast.

I had some time to think about exactly what I wanted so about a month after Oshkosh, I asked CubCrafters for some modifications to be made to my Sport Cub. I wasn’t happy with their answer of “can’t be done,” but I also understood that they hadn’t delivered Sport Cub #1 yet so I decided to be patient and wait until we were closer to delivering my Sport Cub to ask again. Sure enough, CubCrafters came through and did everything I asked for. I’ll tell you about those modifications in a bit.

Ultimately, N94SR (aka #37) was due for delivery in the beginning of July, about a year after I had ordered her. At first, I thought I would take delivery in Yakama, Washington, but as only Guam is further away from Long Island than Yakama, I asked if I could take delivery at Oshkosh. It was fine with me if CubCrafters used it in their booth or for a few demo flights as I knew they would take care of 4SR.

Have you ever tried to make reservations at Oshkosh a month before the show? On top of that, I would be renting a one way car at Chicago and leaving it somewhere near Oshkosh and then have to get back to my motel and ultimately 4SR after dropping the car. The logistics boggle the mind, but between a wonderful friend, thank you, thank you, thank you Jay Mealy, CubCrafters, and Enterprise Rent A Car, it all worked out perfectly.

I arrived late on Thursday, so I just hung out at the motel until friends arrived back from the show. Bright and early on Friday, I was at the CubCrafters booth waiting for them to arrive. I knew 4SR wouldn’t be at the booth and instead would be at a little grass strip just north of Oshkosh. However, this strip is so small that it isn’t on the charts and I had to wait for the gang from CubCrafters to arrive to get directions to the field.


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