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Super Cub in the water off Hampton Beach, NH

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Jan 12, 2018
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Lawrence Municipal (KLWM)
Hi All,

A Piper Super Cub banner tow airplane went down in the water off Hampton Beach , NH over the weekend after an apparent loss of engine power. The pilot was not injured, and spectators on the beach managed to pull the (mostly) undamaged airplane from the water, and place it up onto the beach.

I fly my J3 in this area very frequently during the summer months! Just a week ago, I was flying down a nearby beach as this Super Cub was flying overhead in the opposite direction. We each 'wagged' our wings to the other in kind of a 'Cub brotherhood' type of greeting. Really sorry to see now that he had an accident!

As much as I love Cub's, I'm not sure if I'd want one that took a bath in salt water!

I've often thought about how best to enter the water in an emergency with a Cub type airplane. Is it even possible to do without pitching forward and flipping? I would think 'plopping' into the water at minimum airspeed in a three point attitude might do the trick? Anyone aware of any similar incidents?

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