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Stromberg NA-S3A1 (part no. 380167) on a C75-12F?

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L-4H returning to its glory days
Dec 21, 2018
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Excuse me if I post an obvious question, but I am new to the forum with a newly acquired 1943 L-4H.
I have sifted through this FORUM but have not found a conclusive answer so I am hoping there might be an expert out there.
I have a Stromberg NA-S3A1 (part no. 380167) carburetor installed on a C75-12F engine. Looking at the Continental TC this is not correct and looking at the Continental SB M47-16 it becomes obvious that the part number on this carburetor is not compatible with my engine? (Apparently there was a C85 installed in the a/c up until 2005 which explains why this part would be installed but not why they chose to re-install when installing the C75)

Or am I missing something? Could my C75 be a converted engine and actually be a C85 with an old placard? (Nothing points to this though)

So my question is really, can I operate the engine as is? (Obviously people have been flying the aircraft for some 13 odd years with this combo) Or do I have to exchange my carburetor? Or convert my engine to a C85 (and if so, how easy is that?)

Very greatful for all and any answers in my quest to tend to my newly acquired favorite bird!

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