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Slick Mag gear help

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Mar 17, 2007
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I'm still over here in Afghanistan...nice place to spend the winter. My IA just happily informed me that the damage from my broken crank gear extended to my new (16hrs) Slick mags rendering both of their drive gears junk with chipped or broken teeth. Don Swords said he doesn't have any mag gears (of course) so I'm on my own.

I thought I had the problem licked before I left when I got a good deal on a serviceable set of gears off Barnstormers. My IA just let me know when they arrived that they were indeed from a Continental engine, but for Bendix mags. I know you can't relay on pictures, but the photo Spruce shows as their PN 36066, which is the PN he's telling me to order, looks like the same gears I have sitting in my hangar that are supposedly for Bendix mags.

So now I'm trying to order mag gears via the internet with crappy band width and no way to call to get personal service.

A look at Aircraft Spruce has the correct part # (36066), but right on their web page is says the displayed part number is for Bendix mags for $657.00?http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/drivegears.php

The same part number on the Univair sight just says "Continental Drive gear" for $537.98.

Can one of you guys please do me a favor and help me figure out exactly what I'm suppose to be ordering for my C-85-8 with Slick 4333 series mags before I lay out another $1,000+ for gears. If I get the wrong ones then I'll have to have my wife try to return them, etc as this has already dragged out for a couple months.

Sorry for the ramble, it's late, my bride is getting tired of writing checks for parts that don't work, need some Cub friend intervention:eek:)


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