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Sebring LSA Report

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Nov 15, 2006
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Just got back from the Sebring Sport Aviation show, so here is my report.
I had the opportunity to see the Savage. Workmanship, fit & finish were very good. I wish I could have flown it. Lead time is about 6-8 months. This plane has flaps with 2 settings: 17.5 and 35. Quite frankly, at $58K as it was shown, that plane was a bargain compared to the rest. I think they will raise their price in the near future.
Next plane I really looked at was the Rans 7 Courier. Very nice looking all around. While I flew this plane in very gusty winds, the controls were fingertip light. Slow flight was as stable as it could be under the condition. It turns on a dime. Visibility is awesome. I flew with one of the Rans lady. She landed the plane is a nasty 90deg crosswind without hitch. Friendly folks who seem to stand behind their product.
They also make the Coyote model which is a side-by-side version. Similar performance. The Coyote seems a bit more finished/refined… Both planes are really great ( I couldn’t even make my mind up on which one to fly.) Rans 7 Courier was bout $80K as it sat.
The last plane I looked at was the Savannah. Yes it looks the Zodiac but there is a huge difference. The Savannah is odd-looking thing but boy does this thing takes off. I don’t think we used more than 100ft and we were already airborne. And the climb angle was S-T-E-E-P. I even found it to be more stable than the Rans in turns but less stable at slow flight (could it have been the nasty gust winds?) Although I didn’t fly the “patrol door” version, visibility was OK. Not like the Rans, but still better than most. Because it it’s ultra- short take-off and landing capabilities, Homeland Security is looking at these planes. Overall, I was agreeably impressed by this LSA. Base is about $54K up to low $70k..

If you are in the process of repairing your J3 wing, an outfit was selling and praising the Taylorcraft Airfoil. Specs are in the pic in the album below.

Picture are in my LSA album http://www.j3-cub.com/index.php?option=com_gallery2&Itemid=46&g2_itemId=3803

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