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Sand Blast, bead blast other media?

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Nov 8, 2006
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I'm down to the bones on the J3. I need to get some opinions on sand blasting, media or bead blasting????????????

I have heard that powder coating is NOT the way to go on these airframes as it can cover up problems down the line. I've heard that epoxy primer is the right way to go. Opinions???

Also, has anyone actually flown a full gross 1220 lb 65 hp cub off of airports at 5000+ density altitudes??? I have a very low time 65 with milenium cylinders. Over 12 grand spent two years ago that is powering this project. I really want to move to an 85, but maybe I'm being foolish with such an excellent engine. Also has a two year old wood Sensenich. I'm sure the 65 is anemic, but what is the experience of the folks out there in cub land at airports at this altitude.

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