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Our Clubs Cub is on this postage stamp

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Former Owner and Admin
Dec 27, 2004
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I just found out that my Clubs J3 N6233H is the Cub on the William T Piper Postage Stamp! This is a really neat story. The Owner Doug Hudgins sent me the following info to explain how this airplane got on the stamp...
Be sure to download and read the article "cub stamp info.pdf" at the bottom of this post.

Doug Wrote:
I apologize for cutting the scan if half. My scanner isn't very big. As you will see the attached article and speaking with a guy that my mom knows the US. Post Office historian so I was able to get a more clear picture of the stamp that I have here at home. It really does have N6233H on it.

This Cub was bought by a farmer a couple of years after the dealer used it. While the dealer had it it was apparently crashed because the fuselage is not the original one. The wings have the original serial number. Eventually the Texas Soaring Association bought it and used it for a basic trainer of some sort for several years and also abused it quit a bit. (Flying through trees and landing it sideways.) It was during this time that it was suggested to be put on the stamp. It was shortly after that they put it up for sale when I bought it in Nov. 1984 . I was told then it was going to be put on a stamp some day but I never knew any details or when. In 1991 my mom bought some airmail stamps and sent me one. I knew it was the Cub but had to do this research that you see attached to prove it. When I bought it was white with blue stripes on it and pretty ratty. No interior or doors. The floor was also rotted out. Dale and I "restored" it in 1999. We started Jan 1 and flew it July 28. We did it close to factory original as we wanted with a few modifications. (Updates) Not like the stamp depicts with the number on the side.

This is the short story. The long story will take 23 years of adventure and fun to tell. It has mostly been "clubbed out" since I bought it and the best part of that has been checking people out in it and seeing the joy of them master the tail wheel. Of all the PIPER stories I have heard my dad tell I think he enjoyed the J3 the best and I can see why.



View attachment cub stamp info.pdf



View attachment cub stamp info.pdf

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