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Oil filter conversions for an A-75?

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Apr 29, 2005
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I was reading about filters last night in the latest AOPA mag. Basically they were saying that filters work a lot better than screens (makes sense to me). My engine has a screen in it, my first oil change is coming up fast, what do you guys recommend? Should I stick a filter in? I agree that better filtration has to be better for the engine.

From what I've seen, the conversion kits are pretty pricey, in the $400 range. Seems like a lot to me for essentially a few fittings. Are there and quality kits out there that aren't so pricey? My engine is a Continental A-75.

Also, is it uncommon to place a magnet on the "in" side of the oil screen? It just seems like some extra cheap insurance to me. It also seems like a better way to guage how much metal your engine is making between oil changes, and stop all that stuff from circulating. I've got some small rare-earth magnets that are very strong, but I'm not sure exactly how I would place them in the screen and keep them them from moving.

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