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Missouri Breaks Flyin 10-12 August.

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Mar 16, 2007
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Hope you can attend....below is the schedule which went out to the cub forums. Ralph

OK guys here is the schedule .... WX dependent.

Friday Night; 10 August: Camp at Cow Creek airstrip in the breaks. (2400 ft...E - W in good shape... (N47 56.85 W 109 00.54) see photos from M Vivion article in Pilot Getaways). We will cook beef, and salad....BYO Beverages. We'll haul it out there along with paper plates and napkins/setups.. $7 for the feed. ...no reasonable person would have a fire in the breaks right now.

Saturday Morning; 11 August: Fly to other back-country strips/explore Missouri Breaks country...look for elk and world-class bighorn sheep.

Saturday Afternoon; 11 August: Return to Winifred...open flyouts .... Hamburger feed in hangar that evening. ca. $10/plate with kegged beverage.

Sunday Morning; 12 August: Short field/spotlanding contests. We can jackpot if there is interest otherwise, strictly ego gratification.

Winifred ( 9S7 ... CTAF 122.9) is a town of ca. 140 august souls in the middle of some of the wildest country left in N. America. Our strip is 2400 ft. of sod. Camping is under the wing of your aircraft or 200 yards away under the trees in the city park. The new hangar is complete and the pilot's lounge is available... we can put up ca. 9 planes and have tie-downs for several more if necessary. Otherwise....bring tie-downs. We have been promised 100LL. Showers will be in the swimming pool which the town will leave available for pilots. The restaurant will remain open for breakfasts Saturday and Sunday...and genuine two-handed hamburgers are available throughout the day. It is dry and smokey as I write this on the 31st of July...that can change over night. Johnson Creek begins a few days after this flyin and the smoke will be much worse there. Schafer Meadows and Meadow Creek are still open at this writing but not recommended unless something changes. Benchmark is on fire. Please call or email if you know you are coming so we can determine how many dead animals we need. We had a great time out here last year and look forward to seeing you all again. Ralph Rogers, 406 462 5487... [email protected]

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