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How many feet needed for landing/takeoff on grass strip?

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Apr 3, 2007
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hey folks,
First time posting here. I live in San Antonio and am thinking of moving out a bit further North. I am spying some land in the 30acre range and was wondering if anyone knew how many feet I should have for a landing strip?

I don't have a Cub, but I have a chance of "taking care" of one at a local museum since no one flies it and the old man is getting sick.

I have never flown a Cub nor do I have a pilot license, but I plan to get one within the year. I want to eventually be able to park the plane for the weekend or so on the land, so need to get some ideas as for how many feet are needed for landing and takeoff on a grass strip. I am a greenhorn, so I am guessing something like 2000 feet would be ideal? What is the average length and what would be ideal?

P.S> Why do the new sport cubs cost so darn much?

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