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How do you start your hot A65?

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Dec 28, 2005
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Obviously I am having trouble restarting my cub after I refuel or stop for any reason. I didnt have this problem much before, but I've been having to adjust idle each summer/winter. I suspect that when the A&P adjusted idle, that this may have had something to do with why it wont start now when warm/hot. Anyone have any tricks or know how to start one when hot? I've tried the "flooded technique" of opening the throttle all the way and turning the prop backwards 4-5 blades, but that did not seem to help any at all. Finally after about 20 mins of just trying with the throttle about 1/2 inch open it started, but it about wore me out! Theres got to be something I am missing? (no my mags dont have impulse couplers)

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