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Hi Guys

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Oct 24, 2006
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Just wanted to say hi. Just found this forum and am looking forward to gaining some info. I own N40605, a 41' J3C-65 that actually has a C-85 in it. I've owned the plane since 1999. It was completely restored back in 1990. I hate to admit it , but my poor plane has been sitting in the hangar since 2003. I'm planning on getting the airplane back into flying condition. Besides it needing an annual, my brakes are shot. they are the Goodyear(I think) drums. While I wouldn't mind disc brakes, I like the way the airplane looks with the 8.00x4's. Can someone point me in a direction to find rebuild parts for the brakes? Also I'm thinking doing something about the paint. While the fabric and paint is in generally good condition, it's getting a bit on the dull side.
I'm wondering what some of you may think is the best thing to do for it? Should I just use rejuvenator or spray a new coat of color on it. If I remember correctly, it's covered in Ceconite 101 and painted with Butyrate dope. So basically, I'm looking for help in getting my airplane bright and shiny once again. Thanks in advance for any help.

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