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Goodrich Brakes - Several Sets Parts

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Jan 27, 2017
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I've been sitting on a few sets of Goodrich brakes for my project J3 and added a few more during my search for 25x11x4's and more importantly the wheel adapters for them. I bought a few sets of the wheels and tires and I bought the brakes with them. Most had come off of flying Super Cubs that had been converted to Clevelands and Bush Wheels. I have one more set of 25x11x4's on the way and I bought the Grove conversion from the owner, so it makes sense to sell what I have to help recover some of my costs and make the parts available to others. To be clear on these, I am in no way claiming that these brakes are airworthy. Your qualified mechanic needs to make that decision for you. What I did do though, in the interest of trying to have a better feel for what these are, was set my Mighty Vac up so I could put a vacuum on each expander tube and applied 20" vacuum and waited to see what happened. This was anything but scientific but was the best thing I could come up with. If the needle stayed put for a few minutes, I gathered the components for that brake assembly and took a picture. Again, consider these as parts only and you and your mechanic make the final determination on airworthiness of the individual parts / assemblies. You'll see the one set is intact. I did not pull those apart as they were in clean condition when I received them. I put 30# of pressure in that set with a brake drum in place and the same vacuum as above. You'll also see a couple sets of brake pucks and hardware and a couple sets of drums.

My intent is to list these fairly. The pictures below are each set of parts from an assembly after it was taken apart.

$225 shipped per 2 sets of brake assembly parts. You'll notice that the pictures of each set correspond to the other side set in the next picture.
$SOLD shipped for the still assembled pair of brake assembly parts.
$115 shipped per set of 6 brake pucks and hardware pictured.
$SOLD shipped for the 3 expander tubes in the single picture.
$60 shipped per set of brake drums.

If someone wants to buy everything pictured, happy to work a package deal that makes sense and have some extras I'll send with the lot.

I can do Paypal, Money Order or Personal Check. I'm easy...just want to get these into good hands.


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