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Sep 6, 2007
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I have just wrapped up my most recent phone call of many this week with principals at Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM). The focus of our discussions has been around the rocker shaft set screw loosening, and potentially the rocker shaft itself migrating, in certain model O-200 engines that are standard on CubCrafters CC11-100, models S1 and S2.

I share our owners’ frustration with the amount of information that can be reasonably conveyed at this point. However, that information MUST be complete, accurate, and instructive, not simply reactionary to initial reports. Be assured that as soon as TCM understood that a report less than seven days ago of an anomaly around this issue was apparently not an isolated incident, it began an intense investigation of the actual rate of occurrences, causality, severity and its plan for external communication of next steps. Further, formal service communications require approval by internal Quality Assurance and Inspection, Designated Engineering Representatives (‘DERs’), and the FAA. TCM is addressing every aspect here with all due speed.

With over 10,000 cylinders of this design placed in service since 1995 and no related service issues noted prior to the recent occurrence, the grounding of the fleet is not believed to be warranted at this time. If or when such information presented itself, TCM would act IMMEDIATELY just as it has done before over its 100-year experience. Further, this issue has also mandated a ‘scrub’ of current O-200 assembly processes and procedures and TCM has found no anomalies in manufacturing. However, TCM is very aware of the apparent recent higher occurrence rate and it is investigating every part of the O-200 design, assembly, testing and quality control process around the rocker shafts for instructive information. Indeed the lack of any obvious casual factor, even for the very low occurrence rate, has contributed to the investigation time.

At this point, my message here is advisory in nature only. Because TCM is the original manufacturer of the engine, it must issue any formal service communication, and it has assured me it will do so as soon as possible. As soon as TCM formally issues that communication, CubCrafters will immediately alert our customers and others. Owners of certain model O-200 engines can expect those instructions to include a formal inspection for certain characteristics or anomalies regarding – potentially - the rocker shaft set screw loosening, and depending on the owners’ findings, instructions for remedial action. Any such required inspections and follow-on actions will be covered under warranty by TCM.

Prior to TCM’s service communication, CubCrafters owners can contact [email protected] or call us at 509.248.9491 for additional information regarding a preliminary inspection of the rocker shafts and rocker shaft set screws. Please ask to speak with Customer Support Manager Winston Larison.

As CubCrafters is the manufacturer of the S-LSA certified aircraft that includes the O-200 engine as a component part, we will be issuing our own separate service communication as required by ASTM 2295 concurrent with and in reference to the service communication by TCM.

Thank you in advance for your continued attention to this matter. I will be back in touch with you again very shortly.


Todd Simmons
President, CubCrafters

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