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Continental Engine website links

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Dec 28, 2004
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Will, maybe you can put these links somewhere on the website?

There have been a number of posts recently with questions about Continental engines, oil pressure and temperature issues, magnetos, etc. These are some pretty good links that provide a lot of good information for those of us with Cubs and small Continentals (even though none are "Cub" sites). I hope that each member will take the time to read through these sites for your own information and enjoyment.

JACKPOT! A wealth of information on small Continental engines.

More small engine information AND accessorie information.

Oil flow through a Continental engine WITH PICTURES! It's an O-200, but this is VERY similar to ALL other small Continentals.

Continental engine inspection / issues discussion WITH PICTURES! Again, O-200, but, again, very similar to other small Continental engines.

John Scott


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