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1946 J-3 27K OBO


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Mar 17, 2007
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I'm assisting an elderly couple in selling their J-3. They've owned an FBO for 40 years that is going out of business, and this J-3 was one of their trainers for the last 10 years. They're kind of out of touch with current sales trends, as she opened up Trade A Plane, saw some Cub prices in the mid 30K and priced hers the same. Obviously it didn't sell, so I told her being a Cub owner, I'd sell it for her.

Bottom line, I believe she'll take 26-27K for the plane, maybe less out of annual. It flew a couple of months ago, but as I said, is now out of annual. It can easily be put back in annual by a reputable Cub IA that does mine on the field. It's bone stock and ugly with the appropriate amount of wear you'd expect from a trainer. But it's airworthy, complete and quite possibly one of the cheapest Cubs on the market right now. The engine was overhauled 400 hrs ago by a meticulous antique guy here in Olympia. Photos and a short list of specifics is available on Barnstormers.

Anyway, I have no interest in this sale except to help an old couple who've been very good to me the last couple of years, and are experiencing hard times. I've also offered to get the word out and ferry the plane to the new owner for expenses/gas within reason. I've also put the plane on my insurance policy for the purpose of demo flights, as they have cancelled theirs.

The plane hasn't been advertised anywhere other than Barnstormers.com. http://barnstormers.com/cat.php?PHPSESSID=29f26cbe41f2862315e973fd3c5f04f4
If this link doesn't work, it's the Cub for sale in Tumwater, WA.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or email. You may contact the seller directly, but she's kind of hard to carry on a conversation with, which is why I thought it better to represent her.

Mike Rutledge-
email: [email protected]