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Options List Expands On The American Legend Cub

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Dec 27, 2004
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SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS, JANUARY 28, 2008 -- American Legend Aircraft Company announced today an expanded array of optional equipment available for its popular Legend Cub. The wide range of options offered enhances the safety, operation, and joy of ownership of the two-place recreational aircraft.

Adding skis to a Legend Cub can increase the opportunities, and thrills, that come with flying. A ski-equipped Legend Cub provides owners the opportunity for snow and ice operations, and scenic wintertime flying. A ski-equipped Legend Cub can takeoff, land and taxi on snow, ice, grass and even hard surfaced runways without the need to change. A second alternative to wheels, the Legend FloatCub provides year-round enjoyment for fans of water flying.

Autopilot and artificial horizon are options one would think superfluous in a Legend Cub. However, a system that controls aileron and elevator operation (providing bank angle, pitch, and direction) can reduce workload and enhance the enjoyment of cross-country trips. Instruments and controls that simulate real world vision provide assurances to pilot decision making. Both autopilot and artificial horizon are available options on the Legend Cub.

Recently, American Legend began offering two new safety options on the Legend Cub. The first is a dual wing-mounted pulse landing light system that greatly increases visibility of an aircraft and improves vision for the pilot in ground operations. A single wing-mounted landing light was previously, and is still, available. The second safety option now available is an airbag seatbelt system by AmSafe for which testing and ASTM approval has been completed.

The Legend Cub is equipped, or can be retrofitted, with one of two ELT options. These include a conventional system operating at 121.5 MHz and an upgraded 406 MHz unit operating on both frequencies. The satellite processing of 121.5 MHz units is scheduled to end on Feb. 1, 2009. The next generation 406 MHz units send a stronger digital signal and offer additional benefits. An ELT is required equipment on LSA-approved aircraft.

With a choice of engines and propellers, performance of the Legend Cub can be tuned to climate, terrain, and particular flying qualities. No currently available S-LSA, except the Legend Cub, offers both the Continental and Jabiru engines. Propeller choices include wood, metal, and composite options.

Many Legend Cubs are equipped with state-of-the-art avionics. One popular option is a Garmin navigation and communications stack providing multi-function guidance and information, including display of TIS traffic. Avionics options also include a Dynon glass cockpit with features designed for the most discriminating pilots. Communications options include choices of intercom, transponder, and radio for the well-connected pilot.

Appearance options on the Legend Cub include choice of paint. Customers can decide among a traditional, and widely recognized, yellow paint scheme with striping options. Also, among the currently flying Legends Cubs are PA-11-style two-tone and L-4-style military paint schemes. Color, numbering and marking options can be incorporated into a customer aircraft to suit individual wishes.

Comfort options on the Legend Cub include an upgraded leather interior, cabin lighting choices, vented windows, and XM radio entertainment. From a maintenance and operational perspective, Legend Cub buyers can choose among engine add-ons such as an air/oil separator, spin-on oil filter, and standard 6.00 or larger 8.00 tires.

It's all about choice. With an endless array of options, today’s Legend Cub buyers can choose among numerous features to satisfy any pilot's point of view. A company spokesman was noted as saying, "Options seemed to be the theme at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo held recently in Sebring, Florida. Many prospective customers contemplated what their perfect airplane might include. The answer is often found in a Legend Cub."

American Legend Aircraft Company is a manufacturer of recreational aircraft that meet light-sport aircraft certification requirements. The American Legend Cub is an all-new aircraft with flying characteristics designed around the joy of flying. The timeless design, all-modern Legend Cub will propel your dreams of outdoor adventure.

For further information, contact American Legend Aircraft Company at 1810 Piper Lane, Sulphur Springs, Texas 75482; call 903-885-7000; or log on to www.legend.aero.

-- Legend Cub --

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