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Legend Cub offered as Salvage...


Former Owner and Admin
Dec 27, 2004
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AIRCRAFT: 2005 American Legend Cub AL3C-100 N #: N23771

S/N: AL-1007 AIRFRAME TIME: 127.9

ENGINE 1: Continental MODEL: 0-200-A(66) S/N: 256085 TT: 127.9 TSMO: n/a

AVIONICS: Comm Garmin SL40, Transponder Garmin GTX320A, ELT Ameri-King AK450, Intercom Sigtronics Sport 2005


BRIEF FACTS: Inadvertent brake application during landing roll, resulting in a nose-over on 08-09-2007

GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF DAMAGE: Wooden propeller splintered down to hub, sudden stop/propeller strike of engine lower cowl dented, air intake/filter box pushed up, carburetor snapped off, intake spider/manifold broken, cowling air scoop on left side of engine dent in forward edge, engine mounts distorted left wing pushed downward 10 degree angle, lift strut collapsed, cross brace/carry thru spar top of cabin slightly buckled, left forward cockpit vertical brace in cabin may be bent, windshield/skylight cracked, top of rudder crushed down, vertical stabilizer may be affected; right wing pushed down about 5-degree angle; lift strut kinked; possible bent longeron tube on upper left side of fuselage just aft of wings and cabin. Adjuster has logbooks as provided by the former owner. The plane has been disassembled for transport and storage.

Note: The aircraft may have been deregistered.

Inspection is highly recommended as we do not warrant the above information and this aircraft salvage is being offered “AS IS WHERE IS” .

LOCATION: Hall & Son Aircraft, The Dalles A/P, Dallesport, WA

CONTACT: Bob Cole PHONE: 206-772-9315; Fax 206-772-3790
EMAIL: [email protected]




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