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Kindly Advice for Sellers

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Nov 25, 2014
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Based on my recent and mostly frustrating experience shopping for a Cub I want to share my buyer’s perspective on what I want to see from a seller. Over the last couple months many sellers can’t share good photos, if any. Some sellers don’t know basic info about their plane and aren’t interested in gathering it. And none in the last couple months has been willing/able to share logs. I would love to travel to look over a seller’s Cub but before I spend $500 to $1,000 to do so I want to know some basic information about the plane so I am not disappointed when I get there and kick myself for making the trip.

Maybe this will be helpful to sellers out there. Or maybe I am just a high-maintenance buyer!! You be the judge.

1. Be sure you want to sell your plane. I have had three sellers in a row pull their plane off the market after extensive communications with them. One even the night before I was making the trip to come look at it. In fairness, I know buyers can be just as finicky and walk away near the end.

2. Some of these go without saying but here is basic information I want to know...
- Year of manufacture.
- What engine is on the plane. Date of last overhaul and TSMOH/TSTOH.
- Photos, plenty of photos. Inside and outside and all over.
- Fuel capacity.
- Date of last restoration and covering & paint, as well as fabric and paint type.
- Empty and gross weights.
- Total airframe time.
- Copies of airframe and engine logbooks, preferably going back to the last restoration/OH would be great.
- Damage since last restoration. (I wouldn’t blame you for making me ask)
- Prop data.
- ELT?
- What carburetor is on the plane?
- What mags are on the plane? Is the ignition shielded?
- Sealed struts?
- What brakes are on the plane?

3. Extras
- Please brag about some newer items or upgrades.
- Electrical systems details, if applicable.
- Shoulder harnesses?
- Details and documentation of the latest restoration are a huge bonus.
- VHF antennae?

4. Suggestions
- Have photos ready to go. Have a spec sheet ready to go with the info about your plane. Have log scans ready to go.
- Now simply keep sending the same email to every serious buyer or tirekicker that contacts you!
- I do find myself drawn to the ads with photos and more detailed descriptions of the plane. In general section 2. above is listed in order of priority information, in my opinion. Give strong consideration to paying for an ad on Barnstormers, for example.

I hope this came across as constructive! That is my intent.

Do you have any Kindly Advice for Buyers? I don't want to be a bad one.

If I missed any Cub items that as a buyer I should be asking about please share!
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