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Insurance costs for LSA Cubs

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Oct 30, 2006
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I'm in the market for an LSA Cub, likely Legend and did some insurance cost research today. I contacted Avemco and Falcon. So far I only have details from Avemco which I will share, I'd be curious what Legend and SportCub owners are paying.

Background- 1000+ hrs, IFR, SES, current Medical and Biennial. Very little tail-dragger and float time, 10 and 20 respectively.

Scenario- Three months on floats, 4 months on wheels (hangared), 5 months stored (hangar) for the winter (Buffalo, NY). Anybody want a winter Cub?

Assumptions- Legend =$105k, floats=$16k. Million limit, 100k/seat, 500 deductable, full hull.

The following are annualized rates:
On wheels $2819
Stored $1160
On Floats $10,500

Using the above detailed usage I would pay 4047/year.

As we all know building time makes a big difference. At 50 hrs float insurance drops to 8745 from 10,500, at 100 hrs it drops to 5548. Rates on wheels drop 7% for every 25 hr increment from 25->100.

LSA vs. certified? A SuperCub worth the same 105K would cost 2236 on wheels vs. 2819 for the Legend.

Increase deductable from 500 to 10,000 saves only 390, not many under 10k accidents.

When I build time to 100hrs on both floats and wheels I will be paying around 2500/yr rather than 4047.

A side note- Building the kit version (E-LSA) of the Legend and assuming the same value (unlikely) will cost 6377/yr on wheels rather than 2819 for S-LSA, they won't insure E-LSA on floats. Guess they don't like experimentals.

Comments? Your own experiences?



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