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Bartlesville 2007 report

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Former Owner and Admin
Dec 27, 2004
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Will and wife Carrie lynn attend the Bartlesville OK Flyin flying the Texas Sport Kit N80TX ;D


My wife Carrie lynn and I had a great trip to Bartlesville OK this past weekend. We were attending the Tulsa Flyin. I have always heard how good this show was so were were going to fly our J3 N6233H from Dallas to Bartlesville. That was until I got a call from Kurt Sehnert of Legend / TX Sport and was offered a chance to fly the Texas Sport kit. I jumped at the chance and my wife was happy as well because she could carry much more stuff!

We arrived at the Sulpher Springs airport at about 8:30 am on Friday were we met Kurt, Oran and Brain, all of Legend Aircraft. Three aircraft would be flying the trip. The company’s AL3C-100 open cowl Legend Cub called “Tweety” flown by Oran, A Stearman owned and flown by Kurt with passenger Brain, and the Texas Sport Kit aircraft flown be yours truly with my wife Carrie as a passenger.

We all took off from KSLR and flew in formation. I had to break the formation to figure out all of the glass panel goodies installed. Man this thing was loaded! The panel had a Dynon Avionics D-100 EFIS , D-10 Engine monitoring sytem and Garmin 396 with the XM weather/Radio puck. I’m just not used to having all of these toys to play with.

Our fuel stop at Okmulgee OK. Both Cub may have made the flight non-stop, but would have been pushing the limits. The Stearman was very thirsty and needed to stop. I made a three point landing and I have to admit, I really did not think the TX Sport was ever going to land. It just kept flying slower and slower and finally came to a soft landing with little roll. We topped off and were off again.

Arriving at Bartlesville I tried a wheel landing in the grass and it was probably the best landing I have ever done. We positioned the airplanes along the taxiway so the visitors would have an opportunity to look them over. Kurt, Oran and Brian worked all day long showing off the Cubs. Carrie and I walked around and looked at all of the wonderful aircraft that were arriving.

Carrie lynn and I wanted to go to the hotel, so the staff of the Tulsa Flyin provided us with transportation. Volunteers drive vans all over town just for the airshow attendees. If you want to go anywhere, they are there to take you and pick you up for FREE. It’s really a very cool perk!

We booked a room at the Phillips Hotel, which was constructed to house visitors and business clients of the Phillips 66 company.

We met the Legend boys in the lobby for dinner where we got another free van ride to Murphys Steak house. The place was small but they served fries with brown gravy. Non fat you know. We ordered, enjoyed dinner then went back to the hotel for drinks. Then we were off to bed to catch up on some sleep.

Saturday was a great day. Lot’s of new arrivals and I had a good time taking pictures of all the Cubs in attendance. I always like seeing all of the different things that have been done to each Cub. There are no two alike. At noon I attended the “Piper Cub Forum” lead by Jim Gardner. There were only about 10 people in attendance but we had some good discussions. Jim gave me the floor for a moment to tell everyone about our site.

We left early Sunday morning on our way back home. We landed at Macalister OK for fuel. The weather was deteriorating fast as we approached the Red River. By the time we were nearing KSLR there was a real appreciation for the FAR weather limits VFR below 1200 AGL, 1 mile and clear of clouds. The TX Sport’s Glass cockpit and the terrain warning capability of the 396 gave me confidence.

I want the thank Legend Aircraft and Texas Sport Kits for allowing me to fly the Sport. I had a great time!








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