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A75-8 and McCauley Prop for sale

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Jun 16, 2011
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I'm up-powering my J-3 to a C90-8 to run my new Baumann 1500 floats.

Consequently, I'll sell my A75-8, which runs great, and easily gets me off the water with my EDO 1320's, and leaps my J-3 off the ground on wheels.

The prop is a McCauley CM7038.

I'm a little short on additional details at the moment, because I wanted to post the engine for sale while your window of opportunity to experience this engine in flight is open. I finally closed on the C90 deal, and brought it home a couple of days ago, which triggers this sale. The opportunity to experience the engine in operation on my J-3 closes once my new engine is installed in a few weeks.

A couple of caveats:
1) I'm keeping the magnetos, and installing them on my new engine.

2) I had the prop overhauled a few years ago, and MAY have had it repitched. This will be resolved when I go digging for documentation, or when I get copies from the prop shop.

In any case, the engine and prop are in great condition. I've been extremely careful with the prop, especially on water. There is no visual evidence of water abrasion on the prop.

Prices and other details to follow. I wanted to get it out there now, in case a buyer wants to experience the engine while it's on the plane. It’s located at KFSO, Franklin County State Airport, Highgate, Vermont.

Call (or preferably text) me at EIGHT ZERO 2 - TOO Three 3 - two 3 Sevin Seven. (Write it down first. It’ll make sense.)

To be continued.
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