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2 questions oil leakage and fuel stained plexi

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Mar 23, 2005
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After flying tonight, I've got two questions (certainly resulting from my inexperience with ownership) that can probably easily be answered by those of you with more experience than I.

Over the weekend I changed my oil (thankfully with help), but have since developed some slight oil leakage, is there any amount of leakage that is acceptable or must I tear into everything again to double check that all is torqued properly and recheck the washers (I know I probably should)? It appears that the leaks developed from both the drain plug and the oil screen.

Second, I had a few drops of fuel drip out of my fuel sump onto the window on my cruiser door. It's now cloudy where the drip ran down the window -- anything that I can do to fix this? I tried water and plexi-cleaner but to no avail.

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