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What bolts hold the Vee Cabane?


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Dec 28, 2005
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OK, I have already looked in the parts manual, and while it shows a bolt in the cabane, it does not reference it. While in annual, I noted that the bolt that holds the "Vee" to the bottom of the fuslage was broken (the head of the bolt was sticking out about a quarter inch). Twisted the head and the back did not spin. I unloaded the gear and sure enough it slipped right out. When I inspected the opposite side, it looks to be bent a little. I have no idea how old these bolts are, or how long they have been this way (worn...I know the broken one has not been that way). At any rate they have to be replaced and I need to know the right bolt (I suspect the bolts in there were not the right ones) The broken one broke right where the threads stop, and this was well inside the tube...I would have thought that the threaded part should be outside of the tube and shear load.
Anyone out there have any idea where I can get the right bolt info?

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