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New Sport Cub choices


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Jul 6, 2007
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Hi all, I am new to this site and have just put a deposit on the new S2 Sport Cub. Am looking for any guidance and thoughts re choices on the extras. Mine will not be delivered till first quarter 08 at the earliest. I am a 30 year 2500 hr multi/inst commercial GA pilot who has been flying weight shift and experimental and am Sport Pilot type rated . For the past 6 years getting back to good ol basic flying again and truly having more fun. Next is tail dragging in the SC and I have no time to speak of as yet as PIC in taildraggers and will be getting the endorsement from Brian in Yakima. I see the thread re interior but would like to know thoughts of anyone who already owns or flys the Sport Cub thoughts on the following:
1) Any real difference in sound or performance for the wood vs metal prop. Inclined to go wood for the nostalgia and have wood on my experimental which wears well. SC will be hangared so other than flying through rain don't seem to see a need for metal unless I am missing something?
2) I am AOK with th deluxe panel and 496 and LOVE that 496 and fly now with it on another ac.
3) Like what I see and hear about the AK Bushwheels 26 inch but are they harder to land when on pavement eg bouncy or just whats the difference other than look great and can land anywhere which is the goal.
4)Whats the need or differenc for a steerable tail wheel vs stock tail wheel. As you can see I have no clue on this one.

In case you are wondering yes N711 is my tail number and been in the family since original issue around 1929 and been flying ever since and will now go on this new SC.

Thanks all. Regards Gary

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