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Jun 10, 2007
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Just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself. I am a soon to be retired Naval Officer (Explosive Ordnance Disposal - EOD type) living in San Diego, CA. Have had a lifelong passion for all things aviation. Started flying lessons some 20 years ago as a plebe at the Naval Academy but, not surprisingly, ran out of money after about 5-6 hours (plebe pay wasn't that much, only thing I had less of than money was free time). During the next twenty odd years, between deployments, marriage, 3 children, etc, never seemed to have enough time to follow my dream to learn how to fly.

An 11 month vacation to Iraq (not all places offering sun and sand are nice to visit) placed new emphasis on many things in my life... family, friends, and yes, the pursuit of one's dreams.

That said, I now find myself transitioning to civilian life (and a new career) and had hoped to take off a month or two to push through and concentrate on PPL. Once again, life has seem to conspire against me as there are a host of time-sensitive opportunities that may preclude me dedicating my full attention to earning PPL.

I decided early on I want to complete my PPL start to finish in taildraggers. I had planned on flying up to take lessons from Brian Thompson at Explore Aviation in Yakima and/or work in some time with Tony Markl and his Champ near Dover, Delaware around frequent business trips to DC area (both highly recommended instructors).

Chuck suggested via PM that I pulse the board membership to potentially find some quality tailwheel instruction closer to home (San Diego). I guess I assumed after an exhaustive search on Internet (clubs, flying schools, etc) that there just wasn't much hope for my neck of the woods. Hoping someone out there might have a suggestion.

My desires are simple: don't need to get anywhere fast (could rent for that). Just looking for low, slow pleasure and adventure I hope to share with my kids (10, 7 and 4) as they grow up with perhaps 10-14 day adventure trips up coast to Pacific Northwest. Based on what I have read on this board and others, I am hoping J-3 Cub or similiar classic would fit the bill. That said, I have not yet had the opportunity to experience a flight in a Cub (on my to do list). At present I live my life vicariously through others, to include the members of this board.

Sorry for the novel-like introduction and lead-in to question at hand - any suggestions for primary tailwheel instruction in San Diego?

Cheers and thanks for listening,



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