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New Great Prop for A65


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Oct 22, 2012
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Just a little feed-back on the performances of a new prop installed on my Cub (A65) for the last few weeks.
This in an Evra - Model Merville 740, made of wood but with composite reinforcements. This is based on the original Sensenich design but optimized with modern manufacturing process (thiner profile, use of composites, integrated leading edges...). Pictures attached
This prop is very impressive overall.
On take-off the acceleration is great and we take-off within around 300ft at gross. In solo with 10kt of wind I am in the air almost immediatly, it hardly rolls 150ft ! At full power we need to maintain no more than 55mph to not overspeed the engine (it turns right at 2300rpm at 55mph for a static around 2180rpm). In this configuration it climbs up-to 800ft/min in solo and around 500/600ft/min at gross (according to the variometer).
Cruise is normal for a Cub, around 75mph at 2150rpm with a consumption of 15 liters/hr. The engine is a good A65 with compressions in the 78/79 range.
Overall this has completly changed the Cub around take-off and climb performances. Now this is a real STOL plane that we can operate safely from short ultralight field where we used to be marginal. Also with hot temperatures and two people on board + full tank I don't have any more concern on the climb capabilities that used to be a bit anemic somedays with the old prop...
There are probably other props like that on the market but it seems that modern props can completly change the behavior of the 65hp Cubs. I don't feel any need now to move to a bigger engine, it is just great like that :)

Appareil perso Mai 2014 624.jpg

Appareil perso Mai 2014 626.jpg

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