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Maybe I'm looking for the second best way.


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Nov 8, 2006
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I appreciate the comments on welding the upper door hinges. However, the airframe is beautifully painted as are both door halves and their hinges. Is there a second best way to install the upper door hing points to the fuselage that is not welding? I can get them welded, but there will be a lot of transporting, and re-finishing to do it.

Is there any other resonably good way to fasten such as the rivited captive nut plates or other method that will hold up to abuse? My original fuselage and upper door was held on by sheet metal screws. Very flimsy and I'd never use just that method, but someone got away with that for years. I don't know how many upper door halves were lost over the years on the old fuselage.

Other comments?

Harry Ames
NC55100 20890

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